Monday, February 15, 2010

Telling the kids (and family) December 24, 2009

Our creative minds decided that we would make t-shirts for the kids that announce the pregnancy. We thought it would be a neat way to tell them as well. Andrew's shirt would say "going to be a big brother again" and Daniel's would say "Little Brother (crossed out) with Big Brother" written below it. We would wait and give the shirts to the boys when they were getting dressed to go to Nana and Paw Paw's for Christmas Eve Dinner.

It was so funny.... Andrew actually stumbled upon his shirt when he came into my room (the shirt was on the bed). He said, "Big brother again?" and was all confused. Scott and I decided that we had to tell them before he thought anymore about it. They were SO excited!! It was so neat to see their eyes light up at the thought of having another baby in the house. I have such wonderful boys!!

The way we planned to tell my family was to have the boys wear the t-shirts under sweatshirts and when I gave the ok, they would take the sweatshirts off and see who noticed them first. I wanted to do it at prayer before dinner, but the timing wasn't right. So we waited. All through the night, the boys kept giving me the "eye" as to when it was time. Finally, just before all the kids were going to open gifts, we sent the boys upstairs to take off the sweatshirts. It seemed a little odd that after begging to open gifts all night, my kids were nowhere to be seen when it was finally time to open presents.

Then with everyone sitting around waiting, the boys came downstairs (with crazy grins on their faces). My sister was the first to read Andrew's shirt. She read it and looked at me with her hand clasped over her mouth... then my mom read one of the shirts and let out a huge scream "I am quitting my job and babysitting". It was a priceless moment! We got hugs from all around and I feel that my family was TRULY as excited about this pregnancy as we are. It couldn't have happened better! What a wonderful Christmas this was...

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