Monday, February 15, 2010

Due Date August 22, 2010

This pregnancy had me so worried in the beginning. I have to be honest and say that I freaked over every cramp, twinge and symptom. I guess with the boys, I took their pregnancies for granted. Not once did I ever worry about losing them or having something go wrong. And even when I had problems, I still felt like everything was going to be ok. I guess that is the difference in a 20 year old mind verses a 33 year old mind (who had a miscarriage).

Days crawled by in the beginning... especially since I didn't get very much reassurance at my first doctors appointment (Dec. 18). Just the normal pee test and bloodwork. I didn't even get weighed... which is a whole other story, lol.

By Christmas, I only had a few pregnancy symptoms. Sore bb's and nausea that came and went (sometimes I wondered if it was in my head). By week 6/7 I had only felt nausea after I had large meals.... which is not typical. This gave me more worries. Everytime I went to pee, I was scared to death of seeing blood.

I knew that seeing the heartbeat would give me a lot of relief, and the appointment was set for January 12th. Let me just tell you, I thought the day would never get there and then when it did, I was a nervous wreck.

Scott and I braced ourselves during the exam and even the doctor said it makes him nervous to do this after someone has been through a miscarriage. We got all of our worries resolved though, when we saw a beautiful little baby with a healthy beating heart. Scott said he almost cried. I was so thankful for such a good ultrasound. Our baby looked perfect.

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