Monday, February 15, 2010


With the boys, I had the wierdest craving. Dirt. Of course, it was more with Andrew than with Daniel... mainly because I was UNHEALTHY.

With this pregnancy, I have wanted just about any type of food I can get my hands on... minus red meat and anything with onion.

Olives, pickles, cantaloupe, cookies, cheetos, japanese, curly fries, apple pies, kit kats, and buttered noodles... just to name a few :)

Weight gain will be terrible this time, I can already tell. I was weighed for the first time on Jan. 12 and then again on January 28. Up one pound in just over 2 weeks. Not counting all I gained in December when I was on my sugar cookie kick!!

As of right now, I am only a handful of pounds away from where I was when I went into labor with Andrew and Daniel... so I need to be careful. But food tastes so GOOD!!

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