Monday, August 10, 2009

Camping Trip

We just got home yesterday from our 8 days of camping in Vogel State Park. We had so much fun! We camped with mom and dad... although dad was only able to come down at night. Scott was only able to stay a couple nights as well, but work comes first.

On our first night there, the "don't feed bear" warnings were loud and clear, also reminding campers to put away food.... well, we decided to heed the warnings but in the back of my mind, I thought it was just a mere suggestion. WELL... we didn't put away a cooler that had our drinks in it and guess what, about 1 minute after zipping ourselves into the tent, we heard the shouts from the campsite across the street from us "there is a bear in your camp!" he yelled... Sure enough, the bear terrorized our campsite through out the night. It was unnerving to think of a big black bear right outside of our flimsy tent! He continued to visit us each night we were there, always leaving behind prints and evidence of his visit.

Spending time with my mom was great... we got to do some bonding. Also, the kids enjoyed being spoiled by her. I love my parents more than words can say. They would do anything for me and the kids (Scott included). It's such a blessing to know that there are parents like mine in our lives.

Through out the week, I tried not to dwell too much on what I am wanting my body to do... God knows what is best for my life and I need to remember that when I am feeling frustrated and bummed out.

School starts in two more weeks! It's amazing how fast the summer has flown by. I had so many plans to do with the kids and I feel like I kinda pooped out on doing most of it. I wanted to help work with the kids and their reading and vocabulary, math, etc... ugh! Summer should be fun but I know they need the extra help. Maybe we will work on that this week. :-)

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